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Natural Habitat Adventures have spent over 25 years searching the planet for exciting wildlife. Polar Bears, Wolves, Harp Seal pups, migrating Monarch Butterflies and Whale Sharks are a few of their favourite things. This passion for the natural world coupled with the best guides and a desire to leave the world of mass tourism behind has led them to create a range of safaris that introduce ordinary humans to extra-ordinary wildlife.


These are small groups tours to locations than rarely allow for independent travel. For the more physically adventurous small group traveller, they operate an expeditions department which offers the chance to discover the planet on foot and from a kayak. These journeys are all about unique experiences and might involve taking a classic yacht to Antarctica or following a river across Kamchatka from source to sea.

Natural Habitat Adventures has an outstanding office team whose product knowledge and support materials offer a simple and effective link to a massive range of wildlife experiences.

Yellowstone in the winter
Yellowstone Bison
Northern Lights
Polar Bear play fight
Northern Lights
Churchill Northern Lights
Polar Bear
Kodiak grizzly bears
Churchill polar bear
Galapagos Islands
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